Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spinning Fat

Like many of us, after learning the techniques of spinning and then doing so for a few years, I found it difficult to spin anything but fine (not uber or ultra fine, just fine).  Then a fiber friend was doing a "sheep to shawl" type demo at a camp out event and she needed a lot of warp spin (on a drop spindle) so it could be dyed before hand.  So I gave it a shot.  What she wanted was maybe 2 or 3 times thicker than I normally do, so I had to concentrate.  And then I figured out if I split my roving down to pencil roving, I don't have to draw out my fiber.  Made things SSSSOOOOOOOO much easier.

So last week, someone contact the fiber board I'm on asking for people who could spin doll hair.  Doll hair!  I asked for so pictures to look at and what she wants is basically medium to fat singles.  I had some roving I had dyed up and thought I'd give it a try.  I wasn't happy with the first attempt, but once I split the roving down to the correct diameter, it was quite easy.  Now to see if she likes it and can work with it.

Not sure which background looks best - though I am leaning towards the black.  It shows the threads off better.  The top small skein is the first one I did and it was washed and dried while being weighted down to get a lot of the knick out.

I suppose if I'm going to take pictures of my work, I need to get a "photo booth" of some kind.  and probably a better camera.


  1. You too? I'm having a blast spinning doll hair chunky now, too. :)

  2. Oh, and yes, the black looks better.

    For me, I'm going to have to start taking photos in the sun. I've been mocking up good backgrounds with VERY large sheets of paper, tacked up on a slant.