Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Yarns

So let me continue the story.  I can tell it now that the event is over. 

John and Bjo (of Griffin Dyeworks) holds a fiber retreat once a year here in So. Cal.  This year they had to go out of state due to family business and left Roberta, Debbie and I to run it.  On top of that, they pointed to a bunch of boxes and said they were for the retreat.  So the three of us went through the boxes and there were a bunch of yarns that had been dyed with natural colors.  And we couldn't just let them sit there, never to see the light of day.  So we took them and decided to make Bjo a viking bag out of them.

When we gave it to her, she was, of course, surprised and thrilled.  I will have to post a picture of the finished bag later.  Now my stash of hand spun wool is completed depleted and I need to get spinning more.  There is a camping event coming up the second weekend of October (Great Western War - SCA, Kingdom of Caid) and Bjo will be there and she will have dye pots going.  Let's see how many skeins I can get finished.

Roberta has gone to a couple of Mountain Men events and said they would go crazy over handwoven belts and sashes.  Especially if you use natural dyes, so I've been Googling Native American colors and the plants that need to be used.  Now I have to find those plants around here.  There are many washes and back canyons I could go to, but it's not safe to go by myself.  About a month ago I could have gathered elder berries, but the rattlesnake danger was high and my beloved preferred I not go until we get better clothes and boots.  I still need to gather the leaves and bark, so maybe when it cools down (its still in the 90's)

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