Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm showing my age

So I have this great backyard with a fruitless mullberry and an English Walnut tree for shade.  During a lot of the spring thru fall, I would spin or weave under the trees in the afternoon.  And sometimes I'd just read.  I'd think to myself - I need a lounge chair out here so I can relax and nap.  At least once a month I'd say that to myself.  So I final bought one - a nice bright green one and this past Sunday I opened it up, took my Kindle and my glass of Kool-Aid out and flopped down on it.  And read until dinner was ready.

Then the dilemma - I couldn't get up out of the chair.  It was to low to the ground and my knees and hips couldn't push me up.  Darn I hate getting old!  So here I am - trying to roll off the chair onto the patio so I can get my feet under me and stand up - and I'm laughing at myself.  So what has any of this got to do with fibers?

Well - as many other people seem to be doing, I am going through my Stash 'O Fibers and what do I find - Dryer Lint!!!

You remember Dryer Lint!  About the early - mid 90's when the hand spinners were getting a little bored with the "all one fiber, all one color" spinning batts and roving, there appeared a spinning batt that was usually 1 color, but it had texture to it by blending in other fibers.  I happened to find a 4oz bag of lavender wool with Bombex and Tussah silk.

I don't usually care for lavender - purple, yes but as I bought this back in the 90's sometime - I'm sure I liked it.  Spun up it is even more interesting

It is spinning up nicely and by it's nature has a lot of thick / thin areas.  I was thinking of plying it with a white silk into a boucle type yarn - We'll see.

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