Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still catching up

First - OMG!!!  It's been June since last I wrote.  That's not to say I haven't thought of things to post, nor have I been just sitting around playing games on FaceBook (OK - so maybe a little).  I finally buckled down and said "I can sell my stuff".  At first, it was "I'll get an Etsy store going".  then it was, I'll tag with my sister's store.  But after spinning up a lot of my fibers, marking them, pricing them, weaving bags and stuff (and marking / pricing them) I thought "I really don't have that much stuff".

In Janurary I opened shop at Queen's Champion / Angel's Melee.  I did quite well.  Paid for ga, site fee and made a little (to buy more fiber of course).  It was funny.  I wasn't getting any foot traffic and then all of a sudden - BAM!  People noticed what I had. 

Also at the last Griffin Dye Works Fiber retreat (last June) I taught a class on warping your loom and Woody and I did just that on my small loom.

This is the tangled mess I had at one point.

It soon became this;

I warped enough for 5 bags.  I've also started weaving the straps on my floor loom.  I goes much faster then each strap woven on the inkle loom, but I need to remember to pull the weft tighter so it's a warp face cloth and not a even tabby. (sorry no pic of the strap.  I have to remeber to take a pic).

More soon (I hope)

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